Exhausted, Stressed, Jet-Lagged,                                                                                     

Then why not relax with therapeutic Thai massage,                                                    

   Thai masseuse whose personalised, A high quality                                                        

       Treatment to bring your mind and body into balance...                                                    


Traditional Thai Massage
60 mins - £ 50 / 90 mins - £ 75


Client wears loose clothing during the session

Pressure point work and or stretching

Therapist will utilize his or her palms, forearms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate

Perform on mat and or massage table


​Deep Tissue Massage
​60 mins - £ 50 / 90 mins - £ 75

This deeper pressure point and long firm stroke massage with oil. It will relieving stiff muscle and help to release aches and pain on the muscle. Recommended for after exercise and sport session

Thai Herbal compress          
​60 mins - £ 55 / 90 mins- £ 85

herbal compresses to stimulate blood flow around your body.Combined with Thai massage

 or aroma Thai massage to ease joint pain and stiffness, this massage will improve mobility and leave you feeling more flexible.



Thai oil  Aromatherapy
​60 mins -  £ 50 / 90 mins - £ 75

The full body oil massage using traditional Thai style massage with pressure point. A comfortable massage table using aroma oil. This type of massage soothes tired and strained muscles, stimulates blood circulation and deeply relaxing.

​Relaxation therapy
​60 mins - £ 50 / 90 mins - £ 75

Use of gliding, kneading, compressing and some pulling strokes

Light to Medium but firm pressure

Use of oil, lotion or massage creme as clint choice

Firm pressure point work and or stretching into area of concern,Perform on massage table only

Thai foot Massage
​60 mins - £ 50 / 90 mins - £ 75


Ancient Thai foot massage is a holistic healing technique that provides relaxation, balance in the body's various systems, and healthy blood circulation. It is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity. Crystals of calcium and uric acid (toxic wastes) that have built up are dispersed.